What is TransACT Co., Ltd.® ?
We are an organization that prides ourselves on providing nothing but the highest quality drivers, secretaries and services for our clients. 
We will find a driver that fits you and ensure that your driver provides you with a safe, pleasing and satisfying ride. 
We cater to a variety of clients, from those who have several meetings throughout the day to those that will be travelling long distances. 
Additionally, we offer secretarial services to our clients. Our secretaries are trained professionals with the highest degree of knowledge that can help you strengthen the productivity of your business or organization. 
TransACT's secretaries possess not only the interactive, managerial, and business skills required to communicate with a wide variety of clients, but also the skills essential to making your business successful.
Please feel free to contact us and find a contract that works for you. We offer a variety of options, including fixed contracts, one-day contracts, and short-term contracts. 
TransACT strives to live up to the motto of "care, consideration, and reception" - standards reflected in the clients and services that we provide.  
Why choose TransACT Co., Ltd.® ?
1.  We offer drivers, secretaries and driving managers upon request. 
2.  We help to simplify complicated personnel and vehicle management. 
3.  We help reduce expenses on staff and vehicle management. 
4.  Due to our confidentiality agreement, you will bear no responsibility in the event of an incident.
5.  Our constant service operation means that your business will continue to flourish, even during vacation or absence. 
6.  We will treat your vehicle carefully and keep it in top condition. 
7.  Foreign language interpreters can be assigned upon request.  
8.  Consultations are available based on our re-employment system.  
9.  If an emergency arises, we can deal with any paperwork required for the accident on your company's behalf. 
What does TransACT Co., Ltd.® offer ?
We offer reasonable, competitive prices and provide talented service staff. Our full-time drivers and secretaries will supply you with confidentiality, security and exceptional service. 
Through obtaining your trust and support, TransACT Co., Ltd. aims at becoming a pioneer in Japan's service industry. 
Company profile
Trade name        TransACT Co.,Ltd.®
Head office         #407 3-5-8 Shibakoen Minato Tokyo 105-0011
Telephone           +81-3-3433-8200
Fax                    +81-3-3436-0678
E-mail                 info@transact.co.jp
President             Hideki Tachibana
Business              Driver & Secretary Dispatch Assignment 
Business hours     6:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.
Service area         Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama, and others
Trading bank        MUFG Bank, Ltd.
1  我们为您提供司机和驾驶员的服务。
2  我们帮助您完成复杂的人事管理和车辆管理。
3  我们帮助您在人员和车辆管理方面,减少不必要和多余的费用。
4  我们有完善的保密义务规定,请您放心安心使用。
5  根据弊公司的相关服务款项规定,您对业务处理的休暇时间的阻碍将得以大幅缓解。
6  我们会认真保管您的车辆,并保持清洁和良好的状态。
7  根据您的要求我们可以为您提供指定外语口译员陪伴您的服务。
8  我们公司同时也提供再就业服务。
9  如发生紧急情况,我们可以代理您处理事故。
公司名称  TransACT Co.,Ltd.®
总部    东京都港区芝公园3-5-8 407机械推广厅 105-0011
电话    +81-3-3433-8200
传真    +81-3-3436-0678
邮箱地址  info@transact.co.jp
董事長     橘  秀树
经营服务  驾驶员与秘书的派遣介绍服务
营业时间      6:00-22:00
服务区域  东京,神奈川,千叶,埼玉等
交易银行  三菱UFJ银行
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